Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So this is our new front door! Happy to say that we have had three of the greatest friends come to town to spend time with us already. Can't wait for more of the good buddies to pass through this door. C'mon, ya'll! Had a great time with Cori and Cade despite almost constant rain. Cori got to go to Sephora so I know she left us happy with lots of good cosmetics in hand. So what do you think: should we paint the door black? I'm just not "feeling" the jewel-toned green. There are two sets of shutters, so no biggie if we decided to change. A painter is coming to paint the boys rooms (which are now yellow, since the previous owners had girls) so he can just do me a little facade make-over (kinda like a trip to Sephora for the front door of my house!). What do you think? I'm thinking black. Mmm-hmm, love me some black.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Cutest kid in the kingdom

Here he sweet baby boy. Not so much a baby anymore, though, much to my dismay. He lost his first tooth shortly after his sixth birthday and just before we moved, so this pic is about three weeks old. The other front bottom tooth is now loose and at five bucks a pop, the tooth fairy is going to have to start cutting back on those Starbucks lattes for sure. Should be cutting back on them anyway, due to the muffin top that is peaking out over my favorite summer jean capris. Going to start exersizing next week. Fo' shizzle.