Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mixed doubles: Not cocktails...Tennis!

So my hub and I have joined a mixed doubles tennis league and we play our first match this weekend. We went out to hit with some friends earlier this evening. They killed us. My hub hasn't played in five or six years so this was his first time on the court in a while. We had a great time playing together and I can actually see us being a really good team...eventually.
We decided to join this league because tennis is a sport that we both enjoy and we have both played doubles before in league play but just not together. We thought it would be fun to have a hobby in common. Something for the two of us to enjoy doing together. Kind of like a date night, but with perspiration and exersize involved. We'll see how it goes...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bausch and Lomb Tennis Tournament

Went with a few tennis friends up to Amelia Island yesterday. What a blast! We were disappointed that Lindsey Davenport pulled out due to illness so we didn't get to see any "big name" players but we did see the other semi-finals singles match and a fantastic doubles match later in the afternoon. The weather was great, our seats were great and the tournament was extremely well-done, a total blast! Click here to check it out...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Love these girls.

Feeling a little pressure from the girls to 'get back on the blogging trail'. I'm happy to do so, but must begin with the sad update that the New Year's weight loss goal was not only not reached but I may have gained a little weight these past few weeks. Bummer. Oh, well, there are always bigger pants to buy...

I made a trip back "home" this past weekend to do a bit of scrap booking and hanging out with my old posse of girlfriends (second photo). I really miss these gals and we have an awesome time together. I was trying to figure out on the way back to Jax whether or not I was sad that I didn't live in Tally anymore when I realized that with true friends you just pick right up where you left off. Physical proximity does not really factor in to the friendship. I talk to at least one of these gals every single day on the phone even though we are now talking long distance. That thought made me smile as I turned off the interstate and mozied on down to my "new" home.

The first photo is of a couple of the new friends that I have made since the move. Love these girls, too. It has been fun making new friends and doing different things with different people. These two gals live right down the street from me and I see them or at the very least talk to them every day. It makes for a fast friendship. So, in some ways, physical proximity can be a real bonus when you are the "newbie" and trying to establish relationships.
New friends, old friends. Grateful for them all...each and every one.