Monday, January 14, 2008

Down two...!

Okay, so not a huge milestone but at least it's a little progress. I had to weigh on Thursday, instead of Friday bcz of our Disney trip. 162 isn't bad for the first week. I'm exersizing (can never spell that word correctly) like a freak, but really enjoying it. My friend Renee aka The Queen of Everything (no, really, she IS the queen of everything) is my inspiration. She is my height and has been the same size (very appropriately thin, but in a totally fit, healthy, athletic way) since high school. Hate her. Well, love her, but hate her for being so darn self-disciplined because I am not. Anyway, I'll keep posting about my progress. Food choices are going well, also:-)'
On another note, Disney/MGM was just okay. Great to see the fab friends but not my favorite park. Plus I'm Mom to the kid who is anti-rides. How did this happen? My cousins and I used to ride the rides until our parents dragged us, kicking and screaming with what voices we had left, back home. Cannot figure out how I ended up with a kid who will not ride rides. Mystifying. Good news is that my dear friend, Carmelita, met her goal for the Disney half-marathon. She finished in 2:21!!! Way to go, girl! I'm so proud of her. She has worked so hard, for so long (literally, for like, 18 months) preparing for this. She's da bomb! Yay, Carm!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pressure...and pounds.

Okay, so all my girls are back on the blogging trail, so here I am, too! Never one to have a mind of her own lest I be left out of the "in" group (I'm so kidding!), I was reading Jenn, Kim and Liz's blogs and thought, "Hey, I don't have to have a picture or a clever thought, I'll just give myself permission to rant and rave about whatever strikes my fancy. It is MY blog, after all!". Anyway, rather than catch everybody up on everything (you'll have to call me LIVE LINE if you want any holiday scoop) I thought that I would blog about one of my NY resolutions. Okay, it's my ONLY New Year's resolution. But I'm not fininshed thinking about it yet, so there may be more, later. Anyway, here goes: I have given myself 15 weeks to lose 30 pounds. My deadline is April 16th. I am starting out at 164 pounds. Not ashamed to say it, and I'm hoping that putting it out there will help me to keep myself in check as the weeks progress. I had a big surgery last February, then found out about our move. Things started to snowball from there and before you know it, I've gained nine more pounds since June. Listen, I know there are no excuses (that haven't been blogged about before...!), but I am going to give it my best shot (despite hormone replacement therapy) and see what happens. Fingers crossed and mouth closed when it comes to fatty, unhealthy foods. I know that this is the most boring, cliche, over-promised/under-delivered NY resolution in all of the world but I'm at that critical point where it is just time to loose this weight. For health reasons as well as for vanity reasons. So, thanks in advance for your encouragement and support. Please...don't ask me to lunch! (Coffee is fine, and I'd love to meet you at the gym for a spin class, but food = evil). I've just finished week one of exersize, good food choices and portion control. I didn't weigh before I started, but weighed yesterday so I'll post on Fridays to let you know how I do! Good luck to all who are battling the belly fat, too!