Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, dear friend! And good luck!

Okay, so not the greatest picture (my camera shutter wouldn't open at the time and we had to prop it with a fork...) but wanted to send out a happy bday wish to my great friend, "Auntie Tray". And I wanted to brag about her a bit. Coz she'll never give herself any credit for all that she does and for all that she means to others. This gal is so amazing. She is a mother of two young children, a wife, a physician who works full time+ (full time plus = her days start at 5:30 or 6am and she doesn't get home in the evenings until after 7pm, she is on her feet all day and has the compression hose to prove it, and then she works every other weekend to pay off the family van) she cleans her own house, doesn't own a dishwasher (what's up with that, anyway) because she prefers to wash her own dishes. She makes chocolate chip cookies from scratch every weekend with her oldest daughter so that they'll have fresh cookies to eat all week. She has been the homeroom mom at her daughter's school. Okay, her hub helps out with the school stuff, but still, she volunteers to help despite not having much time to spare! She is medical director of her practice, and has been or is presently chair/president of several professional organizations. She is a caring, loving and interesting friend who always makes time for others. She is studying for her boards (in her spare time) and making some time to travel with her family this week. There isn't another person I know who has the schedule that this lady has. And she honors all of her commitments. She is not a canceller. She is there when she says she will be there and follows through on everything she commits to. I am proud to know her and she has been a role model to me in many ways. She is a great lady and I love her with all of my heart. So...Happy Bday, Trace. I'm thinking of you as you approach your "birthday and boards" week. And thanking God this morning for the gift of your friendship.

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Kim said...

Such a deserving tribute! Happy Birthday Tracy!