Monday, July 23, 2007

Loving all this stuff...

Okay, so what do you think? The boys rooms are brown, very rich and suede-ish looking. A great neutral color. Very of the moment. But not a color I would have selected without Renee's help. She gets the props. Check her out at: (And my friend, Afflack, helped, too! Thanks, Kim.) And "Dan the Painter Man" did a fabulous job. No tape. He cut in. Not one bit of taping-off. So awesome. He is my painting idol. Anyway, I love it! Thanks Renee and Dan! And I love the way the front door and shutters turned out. We had a black front door at our old house and we love the sophisticated look of black. And, just for fun, I had to included a photo of the new zebra rug from Pottery Barn. How much do I love this rug? Mucho. Grande mucho. Beaucoup mucho (a little mix of French and Spanish there!). The zebra rug makes me smile. A lot. many more times can I say "love" in this post? Must find another word. More pics to come, stay tuned. PS: spent more money on furniture than I could possibly ever imagine. Most of it won't arrive until the end of October. Total buzz-kill, but it's all gonna rock when it's finished. Can't wait. Loving (whoops, there we go again) our new casa.


Kim said...

love the black accents on the house and the boys' room color...very rich! The animal rug is fab and I actually like it in the bath very're doing great in your "grown up" house!

John said...


Wow. The place looks amazing. What a great looking house. I dig the zebra print carpet..Contemporay/traditional mixes rock!

Keep the pics coming as you add furniture etc.

You done good cuz!