Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Painter is "in da house"

So excited that our painter is here. (Our decorator) chose a brownish-tan for the boys rooms, a color called "peanut shell" for the sink bath area and a muted grey-blue (to appease Jack who wanted turquoise on his bedroom walls-gasp!) for the shower area. This guy is Speedy Gonzalez. He had one room done, first coat, in one and a half hours. He should have everything finished today! Too excited and had to share. I'll post pics when he's done. And the piece-de-resistance...the new black glossy front door. Can't wait. It's a surprise for my hub, he doesn't know that we are changing the shutters and front door. Although mostly everything was fabu when we moved in, I'm loving the chance to make my own choices on some of the items in my new home. Yay! I'm off to hang some shelves.


Kim said...

So excited for me some instant gratification with paint! So glad that the guy is speedy and effecient! Can't wait to see the photos! love, Aflack.

Sandi said...

You will share pictures won't you? I want to see how much paint the painter gets on himself.

Jenn said...

I am blaming my whole redecorating kick on you. Just so you know. Can't wait to see you on Sunday!!!
(And I can't wait to see photos!)