Saturday, July 12, 2008

First Communion

My goddaughter, Elena, made her first communion last month. She is pictured here in traditional "first communion garb" looking like a mini adorable. We had a fun visit to Orlando to hang out with Elena and her family to celebrate her special day. Does anyone remember their first communion??? I totally remember mine even though it was light years ago. My hair was super long at the time so my Mom (Mrs. High Maintenance herself) had to take me for an up-do at the local salon where her friend "Heidi the Horoscope Hairdresser" was put to work on creating something fabulous for my hair that would work perfectly with my veil. I had this whole Princess Laya braided hair thing going on. Very early-seventies. Interesting that my most vivid memory of the day revolves around my up-do. I guess I have always been all about the hair...

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