Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Signs of summer

I must admit, it really has been great fun being over here this summer. There is so much to do...or not. The flags at the beach have been flying yellow and purple for three weeks now: algae and jellyfish - yuck! But it's still so beautiful despite the little creatures that show up in the sand. Hub taught the little guy how to boogie board, which is a new adventure for the boy this year. The water is warm and the beach has lifeguards for the first time, so it's been less of a worry for us when we're in the water and the waves are kickin'. Truth be told, we don't make it down to the beach everyday like we would if we were here on a week's vacation. We've got this whole other "now we live here" sort of vibe going on and it's kinda cool. Getting to know the local shop owners and getting to know where to go for what. Feeling very blessed to have the opportunity to spend this much time over here in this beautiful place.

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