Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ode to The Victim as he turns 46

So I thought it would be nice, since today is my husband's birthday, to steal my friend Kim's idea and acknowledge all the things that I love and appreciate most about Vic (nicknamed "The Victim" many years ago by my BFF, Karen) . So here goes:
1. He is a great dad.
2. He has a tremendous work ethic.
3. He has his priorities in the right order.
4. He is very handsome.
5. He has a good moral compass.
5. He is funny and makes me laugh.
6. He is a great provider.
7. He is laid back.
8. He is reliable.
9. He is punctual so we always arrive on time.
10. He always agrees to spend time with Jack so I can go off and do all my "stuff".
11. He never gets tired of playing Uno, Skipbo and Texas Hold 'Em with us.
12. He loves his family.
13. He is willing to ask for help when needed.
14. He has patience when teaching Jack something new.
15. He has interests of his own.
16. He can roll his tongue.
17. He looks amazing in a suit and tie.
18. He looks amazing in a golf shirt and shorts.
19. He looks amazing in a t-shirt and jeans.
20. He watches "So You Think You Can Dance" and "American Idol" with me when he doesn't really want to.
21. He is the best dancer, ever. Seriously. He can dance like Justin Timberlake. It's sick.
22. He always knows the name of the band that sang a certain song.
23. He was a rock climber and "bivwacked" off the side at night. Very "Indiana Jones".
24. He never expects me to help with the yard work.
25. He likes being at home and hanging around the house together.
26. He doesn't check out other women when we are out together.
27. He let's me be in charge of the checkbook.
28. He doesn't make me feel bad about spending money on things.
29. He asks for my advice about work-related issues and really seems to value my opinions.
30. He doesn't complain if I sing "over" a song that's playing.
And Jack's list...
31. He plays games with me.
32. He hits golf balls with me.
33. He's nice.
34. He taught me how to ride my bike.
35. He taught me how to play baseball.
36. He makes me "Daddy's Famous Oatmeal" for breakfast.
37. He goes fishing with me.
38. He wrestles with me.
39. He let's me eat in my room or on the floor in front of the tv when Mom's not home.
40. He watches sports with me.
41. He reads to me.
42. He calls me to talk when he's traveling away from home.
43. He leaves me notes when he leaves to go out of town.
44. He makes me laugh.
45. He sings, "Moe's for dinner".
46. He let's me drive the golf cart.
Happy Birthday, Vic! We love you! 46 looks good on you;-)


sweetfunkyvintage said...

Happy Birthday, Vic! I was reading this post and somehow skipped the part where "Jack's list" starts...was wondering why it took you (Cindy) so long to learn to ride a bike! Hahaha...guess I was ahving a blonde moment!

Kim said...

He is all those things....and cute too!