Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Vampires are taking over...

Our book club read, Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. We all LOVED it and most of us have gone on to read the rest of the series. (Scroll below to a previous post for the link to the Twilight website). We met last Sunday and were asked by our hostess to dress in our best vampire/goth outfit. It was hysterical. We all had fangs, lipstick bites on our necks and we drank Bloody Mary's, and talked for hours about Edward, Bella, Jacob and all of the gang from Forks, WA. So much fun!
This is my friend, Kristi, dressed up as a "Matrix" Vampire. (Look at that coat!)
Here are Kim, Myself and Amanda (our hostess with the mostess).
And a group of us showing off our vampire teeth. Hey: make us mad and we'll bite 'cha!
If you haven't read this series that begins with Twilight, I really recommend it. It is just a great love story with a happy ending. So awesome.

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