Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The 80s

The temperature at the beach has been warm, but not hot. And the breeze has kept it just right. I guess it's been in the low 80s but it feels much cooler because of the delicious breeze. Another thing in the 80s is my parents. Dad will be 82 in October and Mom turned 80 earlier this year. Our beach house is about 6 hours from their home in Brooksville (that's about 9 hours in Sr. Citizen driving time) so they don't come often. Mom has been here two or three times and this is Dad's first time. We spent a great day on the beach yesterday and then went to Seaside for the outdoor theatre performance last night. A few things that I realize as I watch my parents age: 1) You can't have enough bathrooms. Seriously. These people pee like, 20 times a day. 2) You have to be able to get to the store often. For Tums. For straw hats that were forgotten at home. For various and sundry personal hygiene items. Must be near stores. Or at least near a Wal-Mart. 3) Eating is a project. What we eat. How we eat. How much we eat. When we eat. It's a big "food frenzy thing." Must plan the meals. 4) They have more patience with Jack than I can ever muster. Yesterday they played Apples to Apples for 2 and a half hours. 2 and a half hours! I'm done after 15 minutes. And I had to break it up so we could get going to the beach. They would have kept playing. Been playing still, had I not intervened. They love playing with him. It's awesome. 5) They are tired. Of course they are.  They are 80, right? Why does this make me so sad? They are tired, they are older. They need more sleep. Somehow, though, it makes me sad. Not sure why. 6) They are such great folks. Love them. Can't believe how lucky I was to have such amazing parents and such an amazing childhood. Sure, my Mom drives me crazy NOW, from time to time (okay, she mostly drives me crazy all of the time but I keep the tequila close at hand) but for the most part they are a pleasure to be with and no trouble at all. They are just happy to be with us, no matter what we are doing. Beachin' it or playing hours and hours of games. Love these sweet parents of mine. What a blessing they have been to me.

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Kim said...

This is such a sweet tribute to your mom and dad! I love the list, especially the one about bathrooms...I could totally hang with them since I have to pee all the time and I'm half their age!