Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ladyfish (and Ladies)

One of the things that Mommy doesn't do well that Daddy does very well is teach Jack how to do what I call "boy things." Because I am a girlie-girl (lady) there are just some things that I would prefer not to be a part of. Fishing is one of  them. Camping. He can have yard work, too. Basically, anything that's outdoor-sy where wild animals are involved (we have pygmy rattlesnakes in our yard at home, so, yes, yard work qualifies). Vic is Master of the "Outdoor Domain" and I'm totally good with that! So, here at the beach...the boys fish. And I do girl things: I sleep in. Go for a run. Read. Give myself a pedicure. But I don't really join them in their manly outdoor activities. Don't want to risk messing up their testosterone mojo. Okay, who are we kidding, I don't want to risk getting fish slime or bait goopy on my manicured hands. Anyway, on this particular morning, they begged and pleaded for an audience so off to the beach I went - camera, video cam, granola bar, fresh fruit, lip balm (a lady can't have dry lips at the beach, now can she?) and water bottle in hand. I was prepared! And it was a treat, I must say, because the fish were biting and in the hour or so that I spent out there w/them, they caught a total of nine ladyfish! It was so much fun to watch. (WATCH, mind you.) Jack is casting the adult rod like a pro, thanks to Daddy's tutorials and he caught and reeled in his very first fish on this day. I thought we had already crossed that one off of Jack's "boy things to do" list, but Vic explained that because the CATCHING was done by Jack but the REELING IN was done by him, it didn't actually qualify (how do the men keep up with all of this stuff, I mean, really? Who cares who reeled the fish in? Whatever.) So on this day, Jack CAUGHT and REELED IN his own fish. Yay, Jack! PS - You can't eat ladyfish, so they went right back into the water. And I didn't have to touch anything:-D Yay, again!

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