Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

To one of the greatest Fathers that I know. Michael and Jack are lucky that God chose you just for them. If they were blogging, and old enough to appreciate you...I think this is what they would say:
1. Thanks for teaching us how to play baseball.
2. Thanks for always playing HORSE in the driveway.
3. Thanks for being at all our ball games.
4. Thanks for coaching.
5. Thanks for being the "cool" Dad.
6. Thanks for snuggling on the sofa.
7. Thanks for wanting to spend time with us.
8. Thanks for making us a priority.
9. Thanks for supporting us financially.
10. Thanks for demonstrating to us what a strong work ethic is.
11. Thanks for being at our school functions.
12. Thanks for tucking us in at night.
13. Thanks for being a Godly example to us.
14. Thanks for playing family games with us.
15. Thanks for helping to make our home a happy place.
16. Thanks for your unconditional love.
17. Thanks for being patient with us.
18. Thanks for teaching us how to ride our bikes, to fish, to shoot a shotgun, to swing a golf club, to play fair, to throw a punch, to drive a car.
19. Thanks for teaching us about Jesus.
20. Thanks for being a great Dad.

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